Trying my hand at Pmc3 Silver Clay!

I finally took the plunge. I’ve been wanting to try silver metal clay for a 4 years or since it came out but I didn’t have the money to purchase the supplies and a kiln for firing. I finally decide to try a starter kit. It included a small firing pot, a few tools and some pmc3 silver clay. It was delivered about a month ago and was sitting on my dining room table for another month. Finally, I pulled it out and looked at it. I found a video that showed instructions but not for firing in the little pot that I paid 100+ for, but for using a mesh over your “hob”! (The video was from the UK.) I have a hob! (gas oven). I opened the tiny pouch of pmc3 silver clay, which was about a size of a quarter and about 1/4″ thick and took a small chunk. I rolled it with the plastic tube that was part of the kit. It was smooth and I cut a shape out. It took a few attempts but I cut a heart out. It was pretty thin. I used a texture plate on it and poked a hole in it for the whatever its called.

It dried out pretty fast so I stuck it under a blow dryer to make sure it was dry. I followed the video instructions and fired it on the stove until it caught fire (it was supposed to) let it cook for 5 minutes and put it in some water. I was soooo excited to see how it turned out! I took it out of the water, dried it off and used the wire brush on it. It worked! But… too thin. It broke.image

It was still pretty cool! I quickly made more! I made a heart, a cross, a couple bars that had a heart and mom! It was successful, although they are a bit primitive, I like them! I think it will only get better with practice, I would like to try a ring!




TheYellowFarmhouse BLOG

I’ve been working on this new design for a few weeks now! I must be a block head because I just don’t seem to get it! Anyhow, here it goes!

img005Some of my favorite bloggers are Miss Mustard Seed, Freckled Laundry, Patina White, an

So here I go. I think I am going to try to up date this as often as I can to let everyone know what is going on in my shop.


Today I’ve been working on a friends house painting. I haven’t been up to the shop for a while so it’s a bit of a mess. Still have some Christmas branches around in pots and a Christmas table cloth on one of my desks. But signs of Spring are popping up! I have some bird  ceramic soap dishes that I am pairing up with some of my homemade soaps. Lilac soaps are in!

I am also working on more french clay pots- these are great for inside or out! Fill with some lavender seeds and you’ll have a beautiful planter in a few weeks! il_75x75.355223997_crlu

The Shop will be opening  May 2nd on Thursdays & Fridays  from 10- 3.  Hasn’t happened!  Which is why I am trying online. Having teens in sports hasn’t made it easy to open my store. But Whenever  if you see the pink ladder sign out in front of my house. Or by appointment. Just give me a call a little before you come.

Can’t wait for SPRING to get here in Lake Orion! It’s been taking it’s sweet time! We haven’t even had forsythias bloom yet!


Added some new items to my Etsy Shop- Awesome Auction this past weekend.

I Love to go to Estate sales! This week I went to the last estate sale at a local shop that was closing. I picked up a few things but the one I am keeping is a sterling silver sugar tong. It is very pretty. The two items I am selling are for sale in my Etsy shop- http://www.etsy.com/shop/loraRiethmeier?ref=si_shop. One is a jadeite creamer. A lovely shade of green this little creamer has a nice ridge pattern. It has a little nick in the lip of the pourer. The next find is a group of four animals made from tin. They are brightly colored and have little loops of twine to hang them as ornaments or they can stand by themselves.

My husband and I attended an auction this weekend. It had a lot of old “country store” items like Tea bins, seed boxes, display cases, postcard displays and many more items. The one thing I was really interested in was some unusual sterling silver. A gorgeous repousse bisquit barrel was an item that really caught my eye. I set a price I’d be willing to pay ($300)- and waited for it to come up for auction. It did and I started bidding- my $300 dollar bid quickly came and went- needless to say that item went for over $2000 dollars!!! Yikes! I can not believe how much sterling silver is going for! I just hope that anyone out there who reads this needs to know- if you have inherited “any” sterling silver or even silver plate from family or knows of any elderly people that think silver is just to much trouble to keep- PLEASE SAVE IT!!! Silver is being sold or stolen and melted down ruining all these beautiful old well made pieces from days gone by. Silver and Silver plate have a beauty that these days can’t be matched. People are buying up silver at auctions only to melt it down for the money. It’s sad. I have been collecting silver and silver plate items for at least 15 years. I have purchased a pair of sterling candlelabras from a garage sale for $2!!! STERLING! The little old lady I bought them from said they are too much trouble! Estate Sale companies know this when that buy an estate – so they know how to price these items. Keep your eye open for these items at garage sales, resale shops and your relatives homes.


My Shop is Open!

TheYellowFarmhouse had it’s open house last weekend and this weekend and is ready to open for business! Everyone was excited to see the studio/shop and seemed to be impressed! All went well- I even made a sign to put out in front of my house made from a piece of wood from my farmhouse! (my mom complained it was a bit small to read “art and antiques” at the bottom- oh well what can you do when it’s 10 pm the day before you are opening? My husband and oldest daughter helped me the first day- they were awesome. Now it’s time to incorporate my blog into the store!


Getting ready for my studio/shop opening

My studio/shop is almost ready- I have been painting, crafting, decorating staging and panicking the last few months about opening my studio up for a Holiday Open House- it’s getting close! I guess I just need to jump in with both feet and get over my nervousness. I think I can do it- other’s have done it. It’s what I’ve been wanting to do forever! I am creating garlands, wreathes, cards, ornaments, boxes, watercolors,primitive paintings, hand painted signs, stockings plus I have been collecting antiques and primitives for a while that I am putting up for sale. My girls have been helping me out too, Ruthie has set up the “children’s room” with all sorts of toys, trucks, baby items, shoes and collectables. She is a great help. Paytin has been adding her creative touch to clothespins, matchboxes and tags.  holidya


Dealing with loss

Having to put my very sick 18 month old dog down was one of the hardest things I have had to do. I can only imagine how hard it would be to lose a spouse or a child or parent. Although death for myself is life eternal, I also can’t imagine not having faith in Christ and having to deal with the death of a loved one. I know that the pain would still be part of this loss, but the hope that I have and the promise of a better life in heaven curbs this pain. The grief is easier to manage knowing that.

I know this doesn’t apply to the loss of a beloved pet but who knows! Maybe in heaven our pets will be there with us, maybe they’ll be perfect- no sickness- no accidents, no chewed up shoes or furniture!

People deal with grief in there own way- the loss of my dog has hit me hard, the only way I felt I could deal with it was getting a new puppy. I couldn’t do anything to help Winston except be there with him in the end and hold him and tell him he was a good boy. With a new puppy I have the chance to start over. He  is not going to replace Winston, but be a new addition to our family. Here is our new puppy– Mumford!